Hi, Mommy. I’m your baby. You don’t know me yet, I’m only a few
weeks old. You’re going to find out about me soon, though, I promise.
Let me tell you some things about me. My name is John, and I’ve got
beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Well, I don’t have it yet, but I
will when I’m born. I’m going to be your only child, and you’ll call me
your one and only. I’m going to grow up without a daddy mostly, but we
have each other. We’ll help each other, and love each other. I want to
be a doctor when I grow up.

You found out about me today, Mommy! You were so excited, you couldn’t
wait to tell everyone. All you could do all day was smile, and life was
perfect. You have a beautiful smile, Mommy. It will be the first face I
will see in my life, and it will be the best thing I see in my life. I
know it already.

Today was the day you told Daddy. You were so excited to tell him about
me! …He wasn’t happy, Mommy. He kind of got angry. I don’t think that
you noticed, but he did. He started to talk about something called
wedlock, and money, and bills, and stuff I don’t think I understand
yet. You were still happy, though, so it was okay. Then he did
something scary, Mommy. He hit you. I could feel you fall backward, and
your hands flying up to protect me. I was okay… but I was very sad
for you. You were crying then, Mommy. That’s a sound I don’t like. It
doesn’t make me feel good. It made me cry, too. He said sorry after,
and he hugged you again. You forgave him, Mommy, but I’m not sure if I
do. It wasn’t right. You say he loves you… why would he hurt you? I
don’t like it, Mommy.

Finally, you can see me! Your stomach is a little bit bigger, and
you’re so proud of me! You went out with your mommy to buy new clothes,
and you were so so so happy. You sing to me, too. You have the most
beautiful voice in the whole wide world. When you sing is when I’m
happiest. And you talk to me, and I feel safe. So safe. You just wait
and see, Mommy. When I am born I will be perfect just for you. I will
make you proud, and I will love you with all of my heart.

I can move my hands and feet now, Mommy. I do it because you put your
hands on your belly to feel me, and I giggle. You giggle, too. I love
you, Mommy.

Daddy came to see you today, Mommy. I got really scared. He was acting
funny and he wasn’t talking right. He said he didn’t want you. I don’t
know why, but that’s what he said. And he hit you again. I got angry,
Mommy. When I grow up I promise I won’t let you get hurt! I promise to
protect you. Daddy is bad. I don’t care if you think that he is a good
person, I think he’s bad. But he hit you, and he said he didn’t want
us. He doesn’t like me. Why doesn’t he like me, Mommy?

You didn’t talk to me tonight, Mommy. Is everything okay?

It’s been three days since you saw Daddy. You haven’t talked to me or
touched me or anything since that. Don’t you still love me, Mommy? I
still love you. I think you feel sad. The only time I feel you is when
you sleep. You sleep funny, kind of curled up on your side. And you hug
me with your arms, and I feel safe and warm again. Why don’t you do
that when you’re awake, any more?

I’m 21 weeks old today, Mommy. Aren’t you proud of me? We’re going
somewhere today, and it’s somewhere new. I’m excited. It looks like a
hospital, too. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, Mommy. Did I tell
you that? I hope you’re as excited as I am. I can’t wait.

…Mommy, I’m getting scared. Your heart is still beating, but I don’t
know what you are thinking. The doctor is talking to you. I think
something’s going to happen soon. I’m really, really, really scared,
Mommy. Please tell me you love me. Then I will feel safe again. I love

Mommy, what are they doing to me!? It hurts! Please make them stop! It
feels bad! Please, Mommy, please please help me! Make them stop!

Don’t worry Mommy, I’m safe. I’m in heaven with the angels now. They
told me what you did, and they said it’s called an abortion.

Why, Mommy? Why did you do it? Don’t you love me any more? Why did you
get rid of me? I’m really, really, really sorry if I did something
wrong, Mommy. I love you, Mommy! I love you with all of my heart. Why
don’t you love me? What did I do to deserve what they did to me? I want
to live, Mommy! Please! It really, really hurts to see you not care
about me, and not talk to me. Didn’t I love you enough? Please say
you’ll keep me, Mommy! I want to live smile and watch the clouds and
see your face and grow up and be a doctor. I don’t want to be here, I
want you to love me again! I’m really really really sorry if I did
something wrong. I love you!

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From: http://www.s-anand.net/blog/how-to-stop-filesharers-from-stealing-hotel-bandwidth/

Hilarious post on how to stop filesharers from stealing hotel bandwidth.

So, I’m in Milwaukee at ye olde Holiday Inn Express. They have a wireless internet connection here and it’s been suckin’ all night, like I couldn’t even do anything on it. I suspected someone running a p2p program and taking up all of the bandwidth, so I fired up ntop to analyze the type of traffic on the network, and just who it was generating it. Lo and behold, someone was running a p2p app, and taking up 1.6Mbit worth of bandwidth. That’s just not fair to the 20 other people on the network, so I decided to boot him from the network. I tried poisoning his arp cache and the default gateway’s cache, but that only works on some wireless access points, apparently not this one. I can’t send an 802.11 deauth message from my OS X box, because the card doesn’t support raw packet injection, so what to do???

I notice that his IP in the ntop interface changed into a name. His windows machine was spewing Netbios packets with his computer name in it. For the sake of his privacy, I’ve changed the name, but let’s say it was “smith-laptop”. So I pick up my cellphone and call the front desk at the hotel and as for Mr. Smith’s room. The lady at the front desk says “Eric Smith?” And I tell her yes. The phone rings, someone picks up, the conversation goes like this:

Me: Eric Smith?

Eric: Uhh, yeah?

Me: My name is Jim Grant, and I’m an investigator with the RIAA. Have you heard of us?

Eric: Uhhhhh….. What does that stand for?

Me: Recording Industry Association of America. We represent several large record companies. In monitoring several p2p filesharing networks, we have found that you Eric, are currently downloading copyrighted material. Are you aware that this is illegal?

Eric: Ummm…. my laptop is off. (At this point, I no longer see him on the network)

Me: We are in the process of filing 18182 lawsuits against people who steal copyrighted music on the internet. We will continue monitoring these networks, and if we see you on them again, you will hear back from us.

Eric: Ok, thanks. Bye.

So, now my network is nice and speedy again. And some guy is in his room trying to dry out his underwear. :) I should have recorded the call since my cellphone has the capability to record conversations. The above conversation can’t even begin to show the fear in his voice. I’m sure he’s scared as hell wondering how they found out his name and that he was staying at a hotel and exactly what room he was in.

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The Brick!!!

A young and successful
executive was traveling down a neighborhood street,
going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was
watching for kids darting out from between parked
cars and slowed down

when he thought he saw
something. As his car passed, no children appeared.
Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag’s side door!
He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to
the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry

then jumped out of the
car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up

a parked car shouting,
‘What was that all about and who are you? Just what
the heck are you doing? That’s a new car and that
brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why
did you do it?’ The young boy was apologetic.
‘Please, mister…please, I’m sorry but I didn’t
know what else to do,’ He pleaded. ‘I threw the
brick because no one else would stop…’ With tears
dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth
pointed to a spot just around a parked car. ‘It’s my
brother, ‘he said ‘He rolled off the curb and fell
out of his wheelchair and I can’t lift him

Now sobbing, the boy
asked the stunned executive, ‘Would you please help
me get him back into his wheelchair? He’s hurt and
he’s too heavy for me.’

Moved beyond words,
the driver tried to swallow the rapidly swelling
lump in his throat.. He hurriedly lifted the
handicapped boy back into the wheelchair, then took
out a linen handkerchief and dabbed at the fresh
scrapes and cuts. A quick look told him everything
was going to be okay. ‘Thank you and may God bless
you,’ the grateful child told the stranger. Too
shook up for words, the man simply watch ed the boy push his wheelchair-bound brother down the sidewalk
toward their home.

It was a long, slow
walk back to the Jaguar. The damage was very
noticeable, but the driver never bothered to repair
the dented side door. He kept the dent there to
remind him of this message: ‘Don’t go through life
so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to
get your attention!’ God whispers in our souls and
speaks to our hearts. Sometimes when we don’t have
time to listen, He has to throw a brick at us. It’s
our choice to listen or

Thought for the

If God had a
refrigerator, your picture would be on

If He had a wallet,
your photo would be in

He sends you flowers
every spring.

He sends you a sunrise
every morning Face it, friend – He is crazy about

Send this to every
‘beautiful person’ you wish to

God didn’t promise
days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun
without rain, but He did promise strength for the
day, comfort for the tears, and light for the

Read this line very
slowly and let it sink

If God brings you to
it, He will bring you through

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Scrabble – Keep it going!

Afternoon Scrabble – Keep it going!!!
Change one letter of the bottom word posted and let’s see who gets
stuck and can’t continue!
Rules: You cannot add letters. You cannot use foreign languages. You
can only change one letter.
Send it back to the person that sent it to you, plus 10 new people.
Add your entry to the bottom after you hit Forward or Copy and

Don’t forget: send it back to the person that sent it to you plus 10
new people.
To make it even more interesting, let’s add what city and state we
are from & the date to see how far this goes and how long its been


Show (Barbara) San Jose, CA 6-16-08
Stow (Babs)
Host (Pam)
Most (Jenny)
Cost (Rosie)
lost (Maria)
last ( Dave)
lust (Ron)
must( erin )
JUST( Harvey )
DUST (Marcia)
TUSK (Megan)
SKIP (Jennifer)
SKIN (Brenda)
SKID (Donna)
SINK (Celina)
SIGN (Miriam)
GAIN (Andrea)
SING (Joan)
WINE (Hallie)
FINE (Maddy)
MINE (Lynne)
DIME (Meryl)
LIME (Jeanie)
MILD (Joan)
WILD (Carol)
W IDE (Linda)
BIDE (Terry)
BITE (Merrill)
SITE (Marilyn)
KITE (Barbara)
TILE (Lori)
PILE (Maryann)
PAIL (Joanie)
TAIL (Caryn)
WAIT (Betsy)
BAIT (Heather)
GAIT (Rebecca)
GAST (Sarah)
PAST (Andrea)
TASK (Harriet)
BASK ( Sandy )
BARK (estee)
BAKE [tony]
Take (Ginny – Mobile , AL 4-8-08)
Make-(Char) Tx 4-8-08
Cake -(Connie)ID 4-8-08
Cave – (Martha) ID 4/9/08
Cafe – (Tall Bob) NV 4/12/08
Cape- Donn ) 4/12/08
Crap – (Big Jim) – Phoenix . AZ 04/13/08
Pray (Molly) Mesa , AZ 4/14/08
Fray ( Tracy ) Tucson , Az 4/14/08
Tray (Lina) Broken Arrow , OK 4/14/08
Trap (Kandi) Tulsa 4/15/08
Pear (Janny) Sand Springs 4/15/08
Reap (Louise) Burleson, TX 4/16/08
Read (Becky) Tulsa , OK 4/16/08
Dead (Renee) Claremore, Ok 4/16/08
Deed (Mary) Claremore, OK 4/16/08
Feed (Brad) Houston , TX
Seed (Ashley) Pearland , Texas
Shed (Tonya) Houston , TX
Shod (Angela) Sugar Land, TX
Shop (Renee) Long Beach , CA
Stop (Bridgette) Moreno Valley CA 4/17/08
Step (LaVeta) Los Angeles , CA 4/24/08
Stew (La’Trese) Woodland Hills , CA 4/25/08
& nbsp; Seat (Jeane) Los Angeles , CA 4.25.08
Meat (jacky) Inglewood , Ca. 4/25/08
Neat (deb) Inglewood , ca 4/28/08
Heat (Sherry) Inglewood , CA 4/28/08
Reap (Arthina) Compton , CA 4/28/08
Crap (JohnAS) Champaign-Urbana , IL 4/28/08
Clap (Imelda) Los Angeles , CA 4/28/08
Clam (Vicki) Sherman Oaks, CA 4/28/08
Lamp (Cindy) Northridge, CA. 4-28-08
Plum (Mercedes) Granada Hills , CA . 04-28-08
Palm (Esperanza) Azusa , CA 4-29-08
Alms (Judy) Whittier , CA 4-29-08
Slim (Becky) Lakewood , CA milk (Michele) orange, ca
Mile (Marianne) Orange , CA 4/29/08
File (Macajo) Mission Viejo , CA 4/29/08
Feel (Jennifer) Arlington , TX 5/1/08
peel (Kathryn) Gutrie,OK 5/4/08
peal (Trannie) Long Beach , Ca 5/5/08
TEAL (Barbara) Phoenix , Az 5/12/08
Seal (Stefani) Bakersfield , CA 5/12/08
Sear (Jody) Grapevine, TX 5/12/08
Bear (Angie) Boise , ID 05/13/08
Tear (Peggy) Boise , ID 05/13/2008
Ears (Darla) Boise ID 5/13/08
Sage ( Diane ) Boise ID 5/13/2008
Page ( Regina ) Boise , ID 5/14/08
Cage (Rone’) Nampa , ID 5/14/08
Cane (Lori) Meridian ID 5.14.08**
Cone (Vi ckie) Boise ID 5/14/08**
Echo (Linda) Dallas , TX 5/14/08
Chow (Carolyn) Laguna Beach , CA 5/14/08
show (Linda) Laguna Beach , CA 5/14/08
wish (Vicki) Encino CA 5/15/08
wise (Judy) Cerritos , CA 5/15/08
wipe (Trinia) Bartlesville , OK 5/15/08
wire (barb) Parma , ID 5/15/08
tire (Jan) Etna , CA 5/16/08
Fire (Mandie) Boise , ID 5/17/08
FIRM (DIANE) Etna, Ca 05-18-08
RIMS (Kelly) Redding , Ca 05-18-08
Ribs (Susie) Woodland , CA 05-18-08
Bibs (Dean) Greenville , Ca. 18-May, 08
Dibs (Marcia) Greenville CA , 5/18/08
Side(Lynda) Gardnerville NV 5/21/08
Dies (Barb) Sacramento , CA 5/21/09
Di gs (Becky) Plymouth , MN 5-21-08 (Scary-How did Barb do ‘dies’ in ‘ 09?)
Sign (Kathy) Broken Arrow , OK 5/21/08
Sigh (Jack) Collinsville, OK
Sing (Terry) Lakeside, TX 5/22/08
Ring (Kim) Arlington, TX 5/23/08
Rink (Ellen) Bedford Texas 5/23/08/*
Sink (Terry) Frisco Texas 5/26/08
Pink (Judy, Okla. City 5/27/08
Punk (Robby, Phenix City, AL 5/28/08
Puns (Rebecca, Altheimer, AR) 5/28/08
NUNS (Taylor, Pine Bluff, AR) 31May08
NUTS (Tommy, Hot Springs, AR) 5/31/08
GUTS (Jo Ann, N. Little Rock, AR. ) 6/2/08
STUD (Carol Crisp, Edmond, OK) 6/3/08
DUSK (Earlene Smith, Edmond, OK)6/4/08
DUST (Bill Barker, Summerville, GA)6/4/08 ;
RUST (Jim) Simpsonville, SC
BUMS (Rynn in G’Vegas S.C.!!)
GUMS (Myra Lexington, SC)
MUMS (Christy in Jamestown, NC)
MUTS (Fran Round Lake Park, IL)
STEM (Rick, Crystal Lake, IL)
MATS (Sue, St. Charles, IL 6/14/08)
MATE (Janice, Oxfordshire, UK, 15 June 2008)
MALE (Shirley, Knoxville, TN 6/15/08)
MACE (Glenda, Gurnee, IL 6/15/08
Mice (Jean,Costa Mesa,CA.6/15/08)
Lice (Bobbie, Aptos Ca. 6/16/08)
R ice ( Jeri, Livermore Ca. 6/16/08)
Dice (Gail, Boise, Id. 6.16.08)
Vice (Janet,Saratoga Springs, NY 6-16-08)
View (Cindy, Saratoga Springs NY)
WISP (Barb, Glens Falls, NY 6-17-08)
WASP (Mary, Fort Edward, NY 6-17-08
GASP (Diane, Glens Falls HY 6-17-08
HASP (Sue, Succasunna, NJ 6-17-08)
ASPS Ellen, Oxford, NY
past Judy, Unadilla, N.Y.
spas Faye Unadilla, NY
spat Rachel elmira,ny
taps Barbara, Elmira, NY
stop Jean, Waverly, NY
pits Pat Sayre, PA
spit–Cheryl, Waverly,NY
slit — (Mandy, Waverly, NY 6/20/08)
tips– (Jackie, Elmira, NY 6/20/08)
hips — (Cindy, Horseheads, NY 6/20/08)
lips — (Carol Taber, Horseheads, NY 6/20/08)
rips – (Helen, Jeffersonville, NY 6/20/08)
ripe– ( Sandy, Honesdlae,PA 6/21/08)
pipe- (Pat, Perkasie, PA 6/21/08)
PINE smr, OH 6-21-2008
Pins (Sue, Ohio 6/22/08)
Pint (Doris, Millersburg, Ohio 6/22/08

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Listen up City Slickers !

1. Pull your droopy pants up. You look like an idiot.

2. Turn your cap right, your head isn’t crooked.

3. Let’s get this straight; it’s called a ‘dirt

road.’ I drive a pickup truck because I want to. No

matter how slow you drive, you’re going to get dust on

your Lexus. Drive it or get out of the way.

4. They are cattle. They’re live steaks. That’s why

they smell funny to you. But they smell like money to us.


over it. Don’t like it? Rt. 460 goes east and west,

I-81 goes north and south. Pick one.

5. So you have a $60,000 car. We’re impressed. We have

$150,000 corn pickers and hay balers that are driven only 3

weeks a year.

6. So every person in West Virginia waves. It’s called

being friendly. Try to understand the concept.

7. If that cell phone rings while an 8-point buck and 3

does are coming in, we WILL shoot it out of your hand. You

better hope you don’t have it up to your ear at the


8. Yeah, we eat taters & gravy, beans & cornbread,

tomatoes & onions, grits & greens. You really want

sushi & caviar? It’s available at the corner bait


9. The ‘Opener’ refers to the first day of deer

season. It’s a religious holiday held the closest

Saturday to the firs t of November.

10. We open doors for women. That is applied to all women,

regardless of age.

11. No, there’s no ‘vegetarian special’ on the

menu. Order steak. Or you can order the Chef’s Salad

and pick off the 2 pounds of ham & turkey.

12. When we fill out a table, there are three main dishes:

meats, vegetables, and breads. We use three spices: salt,

pepper, and ketchup. Oh, yeah…. We don’t care what

you folks in Cincinnati call that stuff you eat… IT


13. You bring ‘coke’ into my house, it better be

brown, wet and served over ice.

14. You bring ‘Mary Jane’ into my house, she better

be cute, know how to shoot, drive a truck, and have long


15. College and High School Football is as important here

as the Lakers and the Knicks, and a dang site more fun to


16. Yeah, we have golf courses. But don’t hit the water

hazards — itspooks the fish.

17. Colleges? We have them all over. We have State

Universities , Community Colleges, and Vo-techs. They come

outta there with an education plus a love for God and

country, and they still wave at everybody when they come

for the holidays.

18. We have a whole ton of folks in the Army, Navy, Air

Force, and Marines. So don’t mess with us. If you do,

you will get whipped by the best.

19. Turn down that blasted car stereo! That thumpity-thump

ain’t music, anyway. We don’t want to hear it

anymore than we want to see your boxersor the crack in your

butt. Refer back to #1.

20. 4 inches isn’t a blizzard – it’s a flurry.

Drive like you got some sense in it, and DON’T take all

our bread, milk, and bleach from the grocery stores. This

ain’t Alaska , worst case you may have to live a whole

day without croissants. The pickups with snow blades will

have you out the next day.

A true West Virginian will send this on!!!

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