The Jester Strikes Hacker Takes Aim At Nations Helping Snowden



The Jester, who specializes in taking down anti-American websites, says hell go after any country that helps NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

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Greenpeace Takes Aim at Greenwashing at CES



Those fun-loving kids at Greenpeace have joined the party in Las Vegas, handing out copies of the organization’s latest Guide to Greener Electronics. The guide is designed to cut through corporate greenwashing (i.e., describing products as environmentally friendly for dubious reasons) and tell consumers which companies are releasing electronics with no hazardous substances.

Apple, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia lead the way for introducing products free of the worst offenders, with HP just behind. Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, and LGE pick up penalty points for failing to follow through on promised phase-outs of toxic chemicals.

“It’s time for a little less conversation and a lot more action on removing toxic chemicals,” said Casey Harrell, Greenpeace International electronics campaigner, apparently channeling her inner Elvis.

Download your own copy of the guide from Greenpeace’s CES site.

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