SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Handles Spyware Like a Champ [Downloads]


Windows only: Spyware removal tool SUPERAntiSpyware has finally released an official portable version of their application, and, just like the installed version, it easily removes most infections on your PC in a single swipe.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the weird filename—each time you download it you’ll be given a random filename, because most of the worst malware will prevent you from opening or installing any known malware removal tools. You’ll be prompted for the language and a start screen, and then you can scan the infected PC immediately—the latest definition updates come with the download.

We’ve featured SUPERAntiSpyware before as one of the best malware removal tools, but the addition of a portable version makes it well worth a look for anybody with a machine infected with spyware. I’ve personally used this tool a dozen times to remove many different fake antivirus infections like Antivirus Live, and it’s never let me down.

SUPERAntiSpyware Portable is a free download for Windows users. Click the link for the download, or check out the full screenshot tour over at How-To Geek.

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Avast Free Antivirus 5.0 Adds Behavior Monitor, Heuristics Engine, and Improved Performance [Downloads]


Windows only: The newest version of the popular Avast Antivirus is finally available for download. It’s lighter, faster, and more feature-filled than ever, bringing a new behavior shield, heuristics engine, and code emulator to keep you protected at all times.

Apart from its far easier-to-navigate interface, Avast has a few new features that make it hard to turn down. Its new code emulator can emulate a suspicious executable’s code, isolated, for use in its new heuristics engine, designed to detect malware that would otherwise be undetectable with normal definitions—in other words, spotting malware by learning what the code does. If you use the pro version, you also get their new sandboxing feature for even further protection.

Apart from the new features, Avast has also lowered scanning times as well as the resources necessary to scan and update—a common issue with antivirus programs that are always running in the background. If you’re already an Avast lover (and many of you are), you can either wait for the program to update itself in the near future or go download 5.0 straight from Avast. If you’ve tried Avast and turned it down before, it may be worth another look—you may find that its former cons (such as the difficult-to-use GUI and resource use) are now more up to your standards.

Avast Antivirus is a free download, Windows only.

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