Microsoft’s Windows 95 beginnings ?


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What is amazing is that because of the Amiga, we have the version of windows we have today.. Much of what windows does, even long file names, was part of and fully capable even in the first Amiga OS.  These patents are ridiculous and petty.   In reality, years ago I could have proved that Microsoft directly stole my software and made it part of Windows 95. My code was for a tool/utility for the Commodore Amiga that became a best seller.

I had sent Microsoft a copy and we corresponded about possibly including my software in Windows 3.0 which was out at the time.  My software basically gave Windows V3.0 and dos a taskbar, command/start button and many other features it did not have at all.   Shortly after they get the copies I sent, Microsoft all of a sudden says no thanks.   A couple years later imagine my shock when Win 95 is announced and released and I see my work, my invention and my idea now part of the new OS.  To this day I still have the original packaging, code, discs etc of that program and utility I sent them.  in fact it actually still runs even on Windows 7.  *grin* Of course I was young and pretty naive then..  I also did not have anywhere near the power, clout and money that Microsoft had so I could not afford a big time attorney back then.  So Instead I left the industry, closed my development company and went into another career and said screw them.  Now I know I should have sued the pants off them back then.  If this had happened to me today I would have hired a lawyer and went after them.  Regardless, some of these patents and ideas are just plain stupid and should be thrown out.  It is amazing what these companies are doing to the industry and innovation with all these patents and lawsuits..  they are killing it.


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Boot Camp Updates to 3.1 with Windows 7 Compatibility [Downloads]


Mac OS X only: If you own Mac hardware, still like to get your Windows on from time to time, and virtual machines just won’t do, here’s some good news: Apple just released Boot Camp 3.1, adding support for Windows 7.

For those unfamiliar with Boot Camp, it’s the dual-booting tool that allows Mac users to install to and boot Windows partitions from their hard drives, and this update gives Mac users looking to dual-boot Windows 7 something to be happy about. Specifically:

This update adds support for Microsoft Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate), addresses issues with the Apple trackpad, turns off the red digital audio port LED on laptop computers when it is not being used, and supports the Apple wireless keyboard and Apple Magic mouse.

Boot Camp is a free download, requires Mac OS X.

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Supported software MPEG-2 DVD decoders in Windows Media Player for Windows XP and Windows Vista


Also:  Microsoft Codecs Frequently Asked Questions
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How to detect the availability of a DVD decoder upgrade
// If you previously clicked Upgrade Later when the upgrade page appeared in the Help and Support DVD Troubleshooter, a desktop shortcut was created. To upgrade your DVD decoder program, double-click the desktop shortcut. If no desktop […]

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