Scrabble – Keep it going!


Scrabble – Keep it going!

Afternoon Scrabble – Keep it going!!!
Change one letter of the bottom word posted and let’s see who gets
stuck and can’t continue!
Rules: You cannot add letters. You cannot use foreign languages. You
can only change one letter.
Send it back to the person that sent it to you, plus 10 new people.
Add your entry to the bottom after you hit Forward or Copy and

Don’t forget: send it back to the person that sent it to you plus 10
new people.
To make it even more interesting, let’s add what city and state we
are from & the date to see how far this goes and how long its been


Show (Barbara) San Jose, CA 6-16-08
Stow (Babs)
Host (Pam)
Most (Jenny)
Cost (Rosie)
lost (Maria)
last ( Dave)
lust (Ron)
must( erin )
JUST( Harvey )
DUST (Marcia)
TUSK (Megan)
SKIP (Jennifer)
SKIN (Brenda)
SKID (Donna)
SINK (Celina)
SIGN (Miriam)
GAIN (Andrea)
SING (Joan)
WINE (Hallie)
FINE (Maddy)
MINE (Lynne)
DIME (Meryl)
LIME (Jeanie)
MILD (Joan)
WILD (Carol)
W IDE (Linda)
BIDE (Terry)
BITE (Merrill)
SITE (Marilyn)
KITE (Barbara)
TILE (Lori)
PILE (Maryann)
PAIL (Joanie)
TAIL (Caryn)
WAIT (Betsy)
BAIT (Heather)
GAIT (Rebecca)
GAST (Sarah)
PAST (Andrea)
TASK (Harriet)
BASK ( Sandy )
BARK (estee)
BAKE [tony]
Take (Ginny – Mobile , AL 4-8-08)
Make-(Char) Tx 4-8-08
Cake -(Connie)ID 4-8-08
Cave – (Martha) ID 4/9/08
Cafe – (Tall Bob) NV 4/12/08
Cape- Donn ) 4/12/08
Crap – (Big Jim) – Phoenix . AZ 04/13/08
Pray (Molly) Mesa , AZ 4/14/08
Fray ( Tracy ) Tucson , Az 4/14/08
Tray (Lina) Broken Arrow , OK 4/14/08
Trap (Kandi) Tulsa 4/15/08
Pear (Janny) Sand Springs 4/15/08
Reap (Louise) Burleson, TX 4/16/08
Read (Becky) Tulsa , OK 4/16/08
Dead (Renee) Claremore, Ok 4/16/08
Deed (Mary) Claremore, OK 4/16/08
Feed (Brad) Houston , TX
Seed (Ashley) Pearland , Texas
Shed (Tonya) Houston , TX
Shod (Angela) Sugar Land, TX
Shop (Renee) Long Beach , CA
Stop (Bridgette) Moreno Valley CA 4/17/08
Step (LaVeta) Los Angeles , CA 4/24/08
Stew (La’Trese) Woodland Hills , CA 4/25/08
& nbsp; Seat (Jeane) Los Angeles , CA 4.25.08
Meat (jacky) Inglewood , Ca. 4/25/08
Neat (deb) Inglewood , ca 4/28/08
Heat (Sherry) Inglewood , CA 4/28/08
Reap (Arthina) Compton , CA 4/28/08
Crap (JohnAS) Champaign-Urbana , IL 4/28/08
Clap (Imelda) Los Angeles , CA 4/28/08
Clam (Vicki) Sherman Oaks, CA 4/28/08
Lamp (Cindy) Northridge, CA. 4-28-08
Plum (Mercedes) Granada Hills , CA . 04-28-08
Palm (Esperanza) Azusa , CA 4-29-08
Alms (Judy) Whittier , CA 4-29-08
Slim (Becky) Lakewood , CA milk (Michele) orange, ca
Mile (Marianne) Orange , CA 4/29/08
File (Macajo) Mission Viejo , CA 4/29/08
Feel (Jennifer) Arlington , TX 5/1/08
peel (Kathryn) Gutrie,OK 5/4/08
peal (Trannie) Long Beach , Ca 5/5/08
TEAL (Barbara) Phoenix , Az 5/12/08
Seal (Stefani) Bakersfield , CA 5/12/08
Sear (Jody) Grapevine, TX 5/12/08
Bear (Angie) Boise , ID 05/13/08
Tear (Peggy) Boise , ID 05/13/2008
Ears (Darla) Boise ID 5/13/08
Sage ( Diane ) Boise ID 5/13/2008
Page ( Regina ) Boise , ID 5/14/08
Cage (Rone’) Nampa , ID 5/14/08
Cane (Lori) Meridian ID 5.14.08**
Cone (Vi ckie) Boise ID 5/14/08**
Echo (Linda) Dallas , TX 5/14/08
Chow (Carolyn) Laguna Beach , CA 5/14/08
show (Linda) Laguna Beach , CA 5/14/08
wish (Vicki) Encino CA 5/15/08
wise (Judy) Cerritos , CA 5/15/08
wipe (Trinia) Bartlesville , OK 5/15/08
wire (barb) Parma , ID 5/15/08
tire (Jan) Etna , CA 5/16/08
Fire (Mandie) Boise , ID 5/17/08
FIRM (DIANE) Etna, Ca 05-18-08
RIMS (Kelly) Redding , Ca 05-18-08
Ribs (Susie) Woodland , CA 05-18-08
Bibs (Dean) Greenville , Ca. 18-May, 08
Dibs (Marcia) Greenville CA , 5/18/08
Side(Lynda) Gardnerville NV 5/21/08
Dies (Barb) Sacramento , CA 5/21/09
Di gs (Becky) Plymouth , MN 5-21-08 (Scary-How did Barb do ‘dies’ in ‘ 09?)
Sign (Kathy) Broken Arrow , OK 5/21/08
Sigh (Jack) Collinsville, OK
Sing (Terry) Lakeside, TX 5/22/08
Ring (Kim) Arlington, TX 5/23/08
Rink (Ellen) Bedford Texas 5/23/08/*
Sink (Terry) Frisco Texas 5/26/08
Pink (Judy, Okla. City 5/27/08
Punk (Robby, Phenix City, AL 5/28/08
Puns (Rebecca, Altheimer, AR) 5/28/08
NUNS (Taylor, Pine Bluff, AR) 31May08
NUTS (Tommy, Hot Springs, AR) 5/31/08
GUTS (Jo Ann, N. Little Rock, AR. ) 6/2/08
STUD (Carol Crisp, Edmond, OK) 6/3/08
DUSK (Earlene Smith, Edmond, OK)6/4/08
DUST (Bill Barker, Summerville, GA)6/4/08 ;
RUST (Jim) Simpsonville, SC
BUMS (Rynn in G’Vegas S.C.!!)
GUMS (Myra Lexington, SC)
MUMS (Christy in Jamestown, NC)
MUTS (Fran Round Lake Park, IL)
STEM (Rick, Crystal Lake, IL)
MATS (Sue, St. Charles, IL 6/14/08)
MATE (Janice, Oxfordshire, UK, 15 June 2008)
MALE (Shirley, Knoxville, TN 6/15/08)
MACE (Glenda, Gurnee, IL 6/15/08
Mice (Jean,Costa Mesa,CA.6/15/08)
Lice (Bobbie, Aptos Ca. 6/16/08)
R ice ( Jeri, Livermore Ca. 6/16/08)
Dice (Gail, Boise, Id. 6.16.08)
Vice (Janet,Saratoga Springs, NY 6-16-08)
View (Cindy, Saratoga Springs NY)
WISP (Barb, Glens Falls, NY 6-17-08)
WASP (Mary, Fort Edward, NY 6-17-08
GASP (Diane, Glens Falls HY 6-17-08
HASP (Sue, Succasunna, NJ 6-17-08)
ASPS Ellen, Oxford, NY
past Judy, Unadilla, N.Y.
spas Faye Unadilla, NY
spat Rachel elmira,ny
taps Barbara, Elmira, NY
stop Jean, Waverly, NY
pits Pat Sayre, PA
spit–Cheryl, Waverly,NY
slit — (Mandy, Waverly, NY 6/20/08)
tips– (Jackie, Elmira, NY 6/20/08)
hips — (Cindy, Horseheads, NY 6/20/08)
lips — (Carol Taber, Horseheads, NY 6/20/08)
rips – (Helen, Jeffersonville, NY 6/20/08)
ripe– ( Sandy, Honesdlae,PA 6/21/08)
pipe- (Pat, Perkasie, PA 6/21/08)
PINE smr, OH 6-21-2008
Pins (Sue, Ohio 6/22/08)
Pint (Doris, Millersburg, Ohio 6/22/08

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