Sort Of Bring Your Old Car Into the 21st Century With Brando’s Bluetooth Steering Wheel MP3 Player [Carelectronics]


Brando’s new Steering Wheel Bluetooth MP3/FM Car Kit is a wacky little device that hangs on your steering wheel, giving you all sorts of different features probably done better by a nice in-dash stereo kit.

First, there’s a Bluetooth speakerphone for hands free driving, including an ugly little Bluetooth headset. There’s also a built-in MP3 player that reads files off microSD cards and transmits audio to your stereo via an FM transmitter.

The phonebook holds 600 numbers, the battery is rechargeable, and this thing seems like a crappy substitute for any number of better gadgets. But hey, for $48 it’s probably one of the cheapest ways to get all of these features into a beater you don’t feel like upgrading with a nice in-dash stereo. [Brando via CrunchGear]

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The Brick!!!


The Brick!!!

A young and successful
executive was traveling down a neighborhood street,
going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was
watching for kids darting out from between parked
cars and slowed down

when he thought he saw
something. As his car passed, no children appeared.
Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag’s side door!
He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to
the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry

then jumped out of the
car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up

a parked car shouting,
‘What was that all about and who are you? Just what
the heck are you doing? That’s a new car and that
brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why
did you do it?’ The young boy was apologetic.
‘Please, mister…please, I’m sorry but I didn’t
know what else to do,’ He pleaded. ‘I threw the
brick because no one else would stop…’ With tears
dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth
pointed to a spot just around a parked car. ‘It’s my
brother, ‘he said ‘He rolled off the curb and fell
out of his wheelchair and I can’t lift him

Now sobbing, the boy
asked the stunned executive, ‘Would you please help
me get him back into his wheelchair? He’s hurt and
he’s too heavy for me.’

Moved beyond words,
the driver tried to swallow the rapidly swelling
lump in his throat.. He hurriedly lifted the
handicapped boy back into the wheelchair, then took
out a linen handkerchief and dabbed at the fresh
scrapes and cuts. A quick look told him everything
was going to be okay. ‘Thank you and may God bless
you,’ the grateful child told the stranger. Too
shook up for words, the man simply watch ed the boy push his wheelchair-bound brother down the sidewalk
toward their home.

It was a long, slow
walk back to the Jaguar. The damage was very
noticeable, but the driver never bothered to repair
the dented side door. He kept the dent there to
remind him of this message: ‘Don’t go through life
so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to
get your attention!’ God whispers in our souls and
speaks to our hearts. Sometimes when we don’t have
time to listen, He has to throw a brick at us. It’s
our choice to listen or

Thought for the

If God had a
refrigerator, your picture would be on

If He had a wallet,
your photo would be in

He sends you flowers
every spring.

He sends you a sunrise
every morning Face it, friend – He is crazy about

Send this to every
‘beautiful person’ you wish to

God didn’t promise
days without pain, laughter without sorrow,sun
without rain, but He did promise strength for the
day, comfort for the tears, and light for the

Read this line very
slowly and let it sink

If God brings you to
it, He will bring you through

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When a soldier comes home, he finds it hard….


When a soldier comes home, he finds it hard….

…to listen to his son whine about being bored.

….to keep a straight face when people complain

about potholes.

…to be tolerant of people who complain about the

hassle of getting ready for work.

…to be understanding when a co-worker complains

about a bad night’s sleep.

….to be silent when people pray to God for a new


…to control his panic when his wife tells him he

needs to drive slower. be compassionate when a businessman expresses a

fear of flying.

…to keep from laughing when anxious parents say

they’re afraid to send their kids off to summer


…to keep from ridiculing someone who complains

about hot weather.

…to control his frustration when a colleague

gripes about his coffee being cold.

…to remain calm when his daughter complains about

having to walk the dog.

…to be civil to people who complain about their


…to just walk away when someone says they only get

two weeks of vacation a year.

…to be happy for a friend’s new hot tub.

…to be forgiving when someone says how hard it is

to have a new baby in the house.

….not to punch a wall when someone says we should

pull out immediately

The only thing harder than being a Soldier…

Is loving one.

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