Track a laptop IP with BASH



Or you can use this.

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Help capture SSH Honeypot details and valid username and passwords used


Using this post, , I have setup a SSH Honeypot with Kippo.
If you want, you can forward traffic from your own servers to mine and see the results of the SSH capture @

Use this in your IPTables to forward your own port 22 traffic to mine @ IP

Change ethernet device to match yours.

Remember to save your iptables for after reboot. iptables-save
Also, you better set this: sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 OR echo “1” > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

You can achive the same forwarding results by using
redir ( )
socat ( )
without making use of ip_forward, NAT and masquerading.

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Unison – sshargs does not like spaces in the path


I had a valid path for my ssh command (which was used for years) to use a private key file to login to my server.

I had to change it for it to work in Unison to something that did not have spaces within the path for the identity file.

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Seth Leedy’s GRC Security Now Podcast Download Script


This script is a work by Webmaster Seth Leedy, but was inspired by and evolved from the scripts by

I noticed that I was mentioned in the Security Now show(epi: 457, 558). Yipee!

Download any or all Steve Gibson’s GRC Security Now podcasts via a bash script.
The script can look at the episodes already downloaded and download the next one.
You can specify the episode(s). Download 1 or a range.
Another function is to search for text within ALL the episodes and copy the episode text to another directory for further reading.
Run it with “-h” for all the other options.

The code is now on GitHub ! Feel free to help develop it or fork it.

You can submit issues within GitHub or via email to me. Comments below are not actively monitored…


  • Allow for different cases on the “.mp3” searches. Only looking at lower case right now.
  • For version 1.8, allow perhaps, a different source for the files in the RSS Feed. Instead of GRC and CacheFly.


  • Will download the latest episode and it will be the TEXT transcriptions.
    • ./ -eptxt -latest
  • Will download the latest episode and it will be the PDF transcriptions.
    • ./ -eppdf -latest
  • This will download the TEXT and .PDF.
    • ./ -eppdf -eptxt -latest
  •  The arguments -ahq and -alq is for downloading AUDIO .MP3 files.
    • -AHQ = High Quality. -ALQ = Low Quality.
  • The arguments -vhq and -vlq is for downloading VIDEO .MP4 files.
    • -VHQ = High Quality. -VLQ = Low Quality.
    • ./ -alq -vlq -eptxt -latest
    • ./ -vlq -eptxt -ep 10
  • You can also download all video, in HD, and text- at once. At 10 downloads a time. *Not all episodes are in HD. The start of the show was not in video nor HD.
    • ./ -vhd -eptxt -ep 1:latest -pd 10
  • Will download every single text copy of the episodes and search for your text( TNO here ) and put the results in a special directory for you to open at your leisure.
    • ./ -dandstxt TNO
  • Will search only the text episodes already downloaded in the current directory and the cache used in the above -dandstxt option. It will not go online to search.
    • ./ -stxt TNO

Count of script executions:

  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v0.8, Count: 2
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v0.9, Count: 11
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.0, Count: 14
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.1, Count: 1
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.2, Count: 2
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.3, Count: 138
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.4, Count: 46
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.5, Count: 116
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.6, Count: 1078
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.7, Count: 813
  • Agent: GRCDownloader_v1.8, Count: 1988

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BASH script based Matrix effect. Use it in .screenrc

BASH Matrix effects
BASH Matrix effects
matrix (1).tar.gz
1.1 KiB

The paths are needing adjusted to work for your placement.
Two places to change. Number one is the file. You will see it below.
Number two is the file. The very first part.
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