The Jester, who specializes in taking down anti-American websites, says hell go after any country that helps NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

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About 2,000 of 10,000 workers at a Wintek branch in East China are striking over rumored cancellation of bonuses and use of a dangerous substance in the production of screens—screens used by Apple, Nokia and others.

It’s not totally clear how this will affect production, especially since Wintek is claiming that they’re no longer using n-hexane (a banned substance that workers claim caused death and paralyzation of workers) and that bonuses won’t be cancelled after all. But evidently the workers ain’t buying it, because this strike looks pretty severe. Hopefully the workers and management settle the problems and will be able to get back to work. Because if they don’t, western gadget makers will definitely struggle to get their devices to market. [Engadget]

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